Grief Support

Unfortunately, grief does not end with the funeral. For many, grief continues for weeks, months, even years after a loved one passes away.


The Grieving Process
How Children Cope with Grief
Helping Children Understand Death
Helping Parents Cope with Losing a Spouse
Losing Your Spouse
Helping Others Experiencing Grief
Coping Through the Holidays
Mourning the Death of Your Pet
To Remember Me - a Poem

It is our sincerest desire that the articles above, and the links below, will help as you journey down the difficult path of grief.

Grief Recovery Institute Guidance Center
Grief Words by Dr. Alan Wolfelt
Grief and Loss
The Grief Store
Centering Corporation
Your Grief Resource Center


The National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.
For the families and friends of those who have died by violence
The Compassionate Friends
A non-profit, self-help support organization for families who are grieving the death of a child of any age, from any cause
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Survivors of Suicide
Suicide Prevention, Awareness, and Support

Grief Support Individuals

Patrick Dean: Wisconsin Grief Education Center
Patrick Vernon Dean, M.Ed., CT, is the founder and director of the Wisconsin Grief Education Center (WGEC) since 1988 where he works with clients on issues related to grief, loss, and healing. He served as an advisory board member at Marquette University, and was an instructor in the Certificate in Grief Counseling program. He also teaches classes on grief resolution for Marquette's college of Nursing. Dean is also the director of Grief Education Services for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee/Cemeteries division, working at six Milwaukee area cemeteries. He holds a certificate in Death Education from the National Center for Death Education in Boston, MA and a certificate in trauma counseling from UW-Milwaukee.

After the sudden loss of her child, Maria Malin became inspired to help other find healty ways of Moving Forward in life while still Hanging On to a symbolic relationship with their loved ones.